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Nothing About the War: A Best Interview - Scott Ritter With a Russian Guy I November 10, 2022

10 ноября 2022

Scott Ritter talked to a guy from Russia about the current situation in the world. The conversation took place in a friendly atmosphere, there were few political and military topics (except for the abandonment of Kherson by Russia), but rather it was a personal story of Scott Ritter. From this interview you will finally learn the love story of Scott Ritter and his wife Marina. We also talked about what Scott Ritter likes in the USA, about his favorite books (top 5), talked about what values Scott Ritter passes on to his daughters, and many, many funny stories. Rather, watch this video before YouTube deletes it. In general, this is the best interview of Scott Ritter.

November 10, 2022

TELEGRAM CHANNEL - t.me/ScottRitter
Order Scott Ritters Book - https://www.claritypress.com/book-author/scott-ritter/

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00:00 - Kherson What's Going On
11:55 - Things Ritter Loves In The USA
31:40 - Top 5 books that Ritter loves
48:04 - Теория Джордана Питерсона
1:00:55 - Scott Ritter and Vladimir Putin
1:03:57 - Scott Ritter's Principles and Values
1:18:00 - The book is in Russian
1:25:25 - A love story or what did Ritter do after the USSR
1:45:10 - A very funny story
1:50:30 - Bomb shelters
1:55:47 - The end

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